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S.O.S. is the fresh new sound of Brighton and the South Coast. Formed in 2001 by the two DJs Youngsta and DJ Alpha, S.O.S. started as a regular free party in Youngsta's home town of Seaford, East Sussex. The combination of Youngsta's enthusiasm and popularity, fused with DJ Alpha's experience and technical wizardry, proved irresistible and before long S.O.S. was taking its unique sound into the South London and Brighton house party scenes.

Sadly the closure for refurbishment of S.O.S.'s first home, The Duke, forced the boys to look for a new home. Regular appearances at The Tzar Bar and The Babala Bar in Brighton over the summer of 2002 provided S.O.S. with valuable exposure and showcased the duo's talents to a wide range of clubbers, promoters and music fans. The culmination of the summer was the first ever S.O.S. single, a mental acid version of Edwin Starr's classic "SOS (Stop Her On Sight)", recorded in DJ Alpha's Brighton flat. This was followed up by the mix CD S.O.S. Sounds Of The South, a frantic journey through the heart of S.O.S.'s hard dance world.

By the beginning of 2003 S.O.S. had moved to a new home at Liberty's in Newhaven, with monthly nights keeping the momentum up. Two dramatic parties at Brighton's Volks Bar also cemented S.O.S's ever-increasing reputation as a tight, professional and versatile night of high quality dance music. In May 2003, following the release of the larger-than-life S.O.S. Double Pack (featuring both DJ Alpha's Live @ Liberty's CD and the solo debut from Youngsta, Are You Serious?), DJ Alpha decided to move on from the day-to-day organisation of S.O.S. in order to set up the Hidden Hand internet radio project. The final Alpha/Youngsta S.O.S. collaboration was the second single, "S.U.S.S.E.X.".

Youngsta's first solo S.O.S. mix, Milky Bars Are On Me, hit the streets in the autumn of '03, picking up more and more attention for the Sounds Of The South! Two further mixes, Battle Stations Radio Set (featuring Youngsta's first online radio mix) and Bad Boy Young, demonstrated clearly how Youngsta continued to develop the S.O.S. sound throughout 2004. And in 2005 Youngsta recorded probably his best mixes to date, Young-Style and Love Is The Drug, as well as playing out at more and more venues in Newhaven, Seaford and Brighton.

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