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The Peak Gold vaults contain a comprehensive archive of original music, recorded between 1990 and 2006.

The earliest and most primitive recordings, by Chill Factor and Aphrodite, were created while I was still a teenager. Deeper into the 90s I formed London Electric with Paul Chantler and produced a series of spiritual electronic disco anthems.

I joined the Aussie band Exit in 1997 for a couple of rock/dance singles, before teaming up with London sound sculptor JJ Lacey under the name Ananda. The eight songs released by Ananda are some of the wackiest tunes you ever heard!

In 2004 I founded the internet-based production collective D-LAB to develop a new sound and modus operandi for the 21st century. Between them, the D-LAB productions paved the way for the upcoming Peak City label.

Now these cult faves have been brought together and are available for everyone. Also be sure to tune into Peak Gold radio stream, which plays these tracks along with classic hits from the 50s to the 00s!

Adam Peak

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