Welcome to Peak Bass: the underground label of The Peak.

The first release on Peak Bass was "S.O.S", where brassy Northern Soul meets bangin' South Coast hard house. It's big, it's loud and it's messy! The follow-up "S.U.S.S.E.X" was a tribute to our Sussex club nights of the era. In 2005 we branched out from hard dance to incorporate dirty house, drum&bass and even rock guitars into our sound with the eclectic "Onwardz N Upwardz" remix EP. 2007's "Diving (Remixes)" saw a brief return to hard house, albeit in a more bounce-orientated vein to reflect the changing nature of hard beats. 2009's "Lose Control (DJ Dubs)" took Peak Bass deep down a dingy alleyway in darkest North London for a slab of raw underground bassline house courtesy of guest remixer Da Kaleida. And 2011 saw the most impressive Peak Bass release to date: Bristol-based d&b producer pHilf's awe-inspiring operatic drum&bass take on "Flamin' Warz", lead track on Flora Jane's "The Remixes" EP.

Peak Bass only released singles or EPs once every couple of years, an output rate which not only allowed us to redefine and reassert our core beliefs in ever-evolving musical idioms, but also gave us stamina and staying-power over the decade we built up our catalogue. Today Peak Bass concentrates on live events and contributing shows and recordings to Peak City Radio.

In 2013 Adam Peak teamed up with Altered Perception and Meganekko to create the successor to Peak Bass: Transmission Audio

Flamin Beats: The Sound Of Peak Bass Flamin Beats: The Sound Of Peak Bass - Various ArtistsVarious Artists02/2011
The RemixesP.P meets Flora Jane02/2011
Lose Control (DJ Dubs)P.P featuring Natalia12/2009
Diving (Remixes)D-LAB12/2007
Onwardz N Upwardz (The Remixes)D-LAB07/2005