Removing Wind Turbines From The South Pennines

Soil Hill

Soil Hill is another unofficial "back door" wind farm. If anything, these higgledy-piggledly agglomerations of assorted turbines of all different shapes and sizes are even worse than official wind farms, due to their amorphous untidiness. It's never quite sure who owns the turbines - in the case of Soil Hill, the seven (or is it eight?) turbines seem to belong to, variously, a garden centre, a landfill site and several farms. The net result is scrappy urban fringe at almost 400 metres above sea level. In Soil Hill's defence, this hasn't been an unspoilt area for nigh-on a hundred years, so if we must have turbines anywhere, at least let's go with the already-degraded rather than creating any fresh blight. Even so - Queensbury would be a nicer town without them, and the visual blight is something of a disrespect to the people of Bradford who have to stare up at it. Let's leave the wind instruments to the local experts - the Black Dyke Band!