Removing Wind Turbines From The South Pennines

Scout Moor

Scout Moor Wind Farm has the dubious distinction of being the largest onshore wind farm in England, dominating the skyline over Rochdale, Rossendale and large areas of South Lancashire. Scout Moor Wind Farm was vocally opposed by conservationist David Bellamy, a man who knows more about nature than the rest of us put together, I'm happy to bow to his superior knowledge. In 2011 there was a tragic accident on the track up to the wind farm, resulting in the death of a crane driver. Like all the other wind farm operators, Peel Energy want to keep growing, keep expanding, keep devouring the moorland. What is it about these people? The stupid thing is that their very greed will lead to their decline. Had they kept a lower profile, a few small wind farms dotted around in less inappropriate locations, the developers wouldn't have attracted such opprobrium. But the industrialisation of a huge moor overlooking several large towns, an open space offering thousands of workers a chance to escape urbanisation for a few hours, well it's hardly surprising that the scheme attracted such overwhelmingly negative attention. And, to this day, NOBODY is proud of Scout Moor Wind Farm. Nobody shows off about this stunning wonder of "green" technology on their doorstep. Instead, people tend to look sheepish and embarrassed about the blight and eco-destruction of the beautiful moors. I'd say the sheep themselves are the clever ones here.