The Great Wind Energy Scam


Act Now To End The Blight Of Wind Farms In Our Wilderness

Bullets Sent To Workers In Sinister Death Threat

Crane Hire Company Forced To Leave Wind Farm Once Owned By Quinn Group
["Remove all your equipment or it will be burnt to the ground. We are serious. We are very good at this."]

David Bellamy Wind Turbine Campaign
[David Bellamy tells it like it is - A MUST READ!]

Doctor Claims Scotland's Biggest Wind Farm Responsible For High Levels Of Cancer-Causing Chemical In Public Water Supply

Ed Miliband Says Opposing Wind Farms Is Socially Unacceptable
[Is it? Oh, in that case I better pretend I love concrete, paint, steel and neodymium being dumped all over the moors]

Gone With The Wind: Valuing The Local Impacts Of Wind Turbines Through House Prices
[Report by Stephen Gibbons, London School of Economics and Spatial Economics Research Centre]

Masked Gunmen Order Workers Off Wind Farm Site

Masked Gunmen Threaten Workers At Carrickmore Wind Farm Site

Quinn Group Boss Liam McCaffrey Under Death Threat
["Final warning: stay away from the the wind farm or face the bullet." You really don't wanna mess with the Northern Irish!]

System Fault Led To Screggagh Wind Turbine Collapse
[Terrifying wind turbine collapse blamed on a few technical difficulties]

The Wind Tycoon, The Donations To Labour & £36,000,000 In Subsidies
[Ahhh! Suddenly I can think of 36,000,000 reasons why Ed Miliband believes it's "socially unacceptable" to oppose wind farms]

Together Against Wind

Unintended Consequences Of Climate Change Policy
[Report by Andrew Montford, The Global Warming Policy Foundation]

Wanker Wind Farmer
[Hilarious clip of James Delingpole railing against "the rent-seeking tosser who has erected a bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifix above the Welsh valley which used to be a paradise on earth..."]

Why Is Wind Power So Expensive?
[Report by Dr Gordon Hughes, Professor of Economics, University of Edinburgh]

Why Wind Power Doesn't Work

Wind Farms Could Become Monuments Of A Failed Civilisation Top Environmentalist Claims
[So says Professor James Lovelock, the chemist who formulated the Gaia Theory]

Wind Farms Will Create More Carbon Dioxide Say Scientists



63 Peer Reviewed Articles Regarding Impairment Of Health In General And Relating To Industrial Wind Turbines

Bad Blood: Fatal Brawl Follows Pacific Hydro’s Desecration of Aboriginal Sacred Burial Site At Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm

Burning Wind Turbine In Portugal

Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm Acoustic Study
[Damning safety assessment of the jinxed wind farm by leading Australian acoustician Steven Cooper]

Comparing Bird And Bat Fatality Rate Estimates Among North American Wind Energy Projects
[888,000 bat and 573,000 bird fatalities per annum at American wind farms. That's more birds and bats killed by wind power than by oil. Think about that the next time you hear wind energy described as "clean" or green"]

Danish Worders At Siemens Chronically Ill
[64 people are now chronically ill as a result of working with carcinogenic isocyanates, toxic chemicals used illegally by Siemens in the manufacture of their "clean, green" wind turbines]

Dr Patrick Moore, Co-Founder Of Greenpeace, Speaks Out Against Wind Turbines

Friends Against Wind
[British/French/German website full of useful links and hard-hitting analysis of the wind scam]

Germany's Green Disaster: A Cautionary Tale For World Leaders

Huge Wind Farm Corruption Scandal In Spain
[It's a fair assumption that a large number of wind farms involve corruption at some point, so it's just a matter of assiduously researching exactly who has their finger in the pot]

Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Campaign

International Conferences on Wind Turbine Noise

Italy's Mafia Turns To Wind Farms To Launder Money

Quixote's Last Stand
["Trees not turbines" is the motto of this excellent Canadian website, with links to over 2,000 protest groups across the world]

Stop These Things
[Australia seems to be at the vanguard of the post-wind movement. Keep it up dudes, you'll certainly give us Poms one less thing to whinge about!]

The Dystopian Lake Filled By The World’s Tech Lust
[A horrifying trip to Baotou, China, where the neodymium used in turbine nacelles is extracted]

The Politics Of Peat
[Gobsmacking RTE documentary about the horrendous Derrybrien Peat Slide in Ireland, caused by - you guessed it - the construction of a wind farm]

War On Power Stations: Stop Blight Of Pylons And Turbines

Wind Farms & Blanket Peat: A Report On The Derrybrien Peat Slide
[Report by Richard Lindsay & Olivia Bragg, Environmental Research Unit, University of East London]

Wind Watch