Removing Wind Turbines From The South Pennines

Rooley Moor

If any more evidence was needed of what a vile, psychopathic company Coronation Power is at heart, then look no further than Rooley Moor. Within a radius of barely six or seven miles, Coronation Power already have an operational wind farm at Todmorden, plus the two they are desperately trying to construct at Crook Hill and Reaps Moss. The country's largest wind farm Scout Moor is also within the same radius, making a grand total of almost fifty turbines. That would be more than enough for even the most delusional fan of wind farms. But no, that's still not enough for these parasites. They're also after Rooley Moor. That's not just business as usual; that's actively, vindictively taking the piss out of the local community, entirely motivated by spite and hatred.

It would be very easy to return the spite and hatred, but love and understanding are the ways of nature, and so we must rise above the Coronation Power fools and, despite their best attempts to destroy nature, we must forgive them. There are only a handful of bad people who have a disproportionate level of influence over the future of Rooley Moor. Even these bad people probably do have a heart and a conscience somewhere in there, so if by any chance they are reading, I put this case to them:

The amazing cobbled Rooley Moor Road (also known as The Cotton Famine Road) was constructed by the cotton workers of Lancashire, in solidarity with the black slaves of America. Their support for the slaves was noted in a letter from Abraham Lincoln: "I cannot but regard your decisive utterances on the question as an instance of sublime Christian heroism which has not been surpassed in any age or in any country. It is indeed an energetic and re-inspiring assurance of the inherent truth and of the ultimate and universal triumph of justice, humanity and freedom."

As such, the Rooley Moor Road is a symbol of peace, brotherhood, equality and liberty. I for one believe such qualities resonate forcefully from out of the cobblestones, guarding the moors with the mysterious spirits of the cotton workers from both sides of the Atlantic. Ripping up this road in any way, shape or form will, quite simply, terminate Coronation Power. If the Crook Hill debacle hasn't already trashed their reputation as a credible "green" company, then Rooley Moor will once and for all hammer the final nail into their corporate coffin.