Removing Wind Turbines From The South Pennines


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Rooley Moor
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Why They Must Go

Every single wind turbine in the South Pennines WILL be dismantled. Machines don't last forever, and the planning approval for each site was only granted for a maximum of 25 years. So we have a quarter of a century to ensure once they come down, they stay down, with all traces of the turbines plus ancillary infrastructure removed and the moors restored, at the developers' expense and with mandatory jail sentences for non-compliance.

Although the South Pennines currently have way more of their fair share of wind farm damage, this is also an excellent opportunity to examine at close range just how wind farms operate (not hard, the way they dominate the surroundings), to document their effects and to build up a library of information revealing the ugly truths of the wind industry.

This website is afiliated to no political party, it has no hidden agenda nor profit motive. The only allegiance this website has is to the Pennines and all the living beings that inhabit their slopes. What you see is what you get - photographic evidence, official documentation and personal testimonies that clearly demonstrate how bad wind farms are for the region. Not a single wind farm has ever improved the landscape (for proof, look at the official Environmental Impact Assessment reports commissioned when wind farm operators apply for planning permission; the impacts of the proposed wind farms are literally NEVER classed as "Positive" - only "Negative" or at best "Neutral").

So now it's been officially agreed that wind farms degrade the local environment, we have to ask if their national or global benefits outweigh their costs to communities and the natural world. It is the contention of this website that, 99% of the time, they don't, a view shared by several esteemed scientists and conservationists such as David Bellamy and James Lovelock. That's not to defend oil, coal or even fracking - it's simply to say this is yet another bad idea, brought to you by the same people. The resources and unconditional support given to the unscrupulous wind farm developers have allowed them to bully and morally blackmail people into rolling over and accepting the bulldozers without REALLY knowing what they are agreeing to.

Even the Green Party and Friends Of The Earth, normally the first to lay into eco-destroying corporations, seem to have an extreme case of cognitive dissonance when it comes to accepting that wind energy is prone to exactly the same corporate malpractice as any other industry. Ask your local Green representative: if you don't trust corporations to run schools, or hospitals, or prisons or the trains, then why do you suddenly trust them to care for the environment?

Climate change is often used as justification for allowing wind farms through the planning system, what with them being "renewable" and all that (well the blades certainly need renewing every few years, so someone somewhere's doing well out of it!). Climate change is a red herring however; in fact, climate change doesn't come into the equation of whether we should allow wind farms or not. The answer to reducing pollution is surely to consume less electricity, not to give carte blanche for hundreds of HGVs to run amok over the moors. And these moors, the natural ecosystems of the GREEN EARTH that you would expect to be protected by the GREEN Party and the Friends Of The EARTH, have been deserted by their fairweather friends. That's where this website comes in: we are close personal friends of Crook Hill, Freeholds Top, Rooley Moor and all the other Pennine uplands. Each hill has its own personality, its own character and its own life story. When our friends are attacked, we stick up for them. And that's why we're fearless - we LOVE the Pennines, and even if love can't move mountains, it can certainly protect them.

Perhaps the biggest inspiration for this website, other than Crook Hill itself, is Ewan MacColl, the folk singer who wrote and sang "The Manchester Rambler" to commemorate the 1932 Kinder Mass Trespass. It is to MacColl and the Kinder Trespassers, who articulated the need of the working man to be refreshed and rejuvenated by the unspoilt natural world, that this website is dedicated.

Am I A Nutter?

I ask this question in public, because it's one I ask of myself in private, and it's an accusation that will no doubt be hurled at me, should any of the guilty parties stumble upon this website. I have my answer ready: find anything factually wrong with the information in the website and I will change it at once. I WANT TO BE WRONG! That's how I know I'm sane: "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

So by all means tell me if anything I've said here is irrational, insane or even just misguided. I will change the website, and my opinion, accordingly. However, on the basis that my facts are spot-on unless proven otherwise, I would argue that the most irrational nutters of the lot are those who, despite ALL the evidence to the contrary, continue to support ludicrous wind farm developments, no matter how frequently their negative impact and general uselessness is documented. After all, as Albert Einstein famously defined it: "Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Look at all the wind farms around the area; ask yourself if adding yet another one (let alone another two or three), and expecting it to be any different from all the other horrible wind farms people are already subjected to, is REALLY the thinking man's course of action?

To contextualise just how far the bad effects of wind energy have travelled: this time a year ago I was typically naive on the topic - vaguely pro-wind in theory, but with no real knowlege or insight into the machinations of the industry and its true environmental impacts. I now understand exactly how their brainwashing works - NLP basically - because up until a year ago I was brainwashed by the "clean, green" sales pitch myself. How much I've learnt in the last year! And I'm just a normal person (you'd never guess from the language used on this website, I suppose, but that's what happens when one cares about the environment; caring means getting upset, getting angry, needing reassurance, wanting to see justice done, cutting through all the pseudo-scientific, passive-aggressive, cold-hearted corporate BS one is constantly confronted with, and openly and directly expressing one's honest feelings about what is happening!).

These, therefore, are the observations of a normal, upstanding, hard-working member of the community, in constant communication with lots of other good, honest, nature-loving people, who all agree that the environmental destruction at Crook Hill is shocking, heartbreaking and utterly, utterly WRONG. The body of photographic and documentary evidence of this wrongdoing is continually mounting, continually being passed around the nature lovers of the world, contributing to a dynamic, ever-evolving, trans-global website that everybody can help steer in the right direction should it veer off course.

Most importantly, I have spent hours and hours getting to know Crook Hill, photographing the wind farm development from every conceivable angle. This website (certainly the photography) is as close to the true voice of Crook Hill as you will find on the matter. Even if my words don't persuade you, simply gaze upon the pictures and listen carefully to what Crook Hill itself is telling you about the construction of a wind farm on its upper slopes.

If you don't perceive something deeply wrong and troubling about how Crook Hill is being treated by Partnerships For Renewables and their lackeys, then may I politely suggest that the biggest nutter around here is YOU!

Am I Dangerous?

My only crime is that I speak my mind. My only weapons are my camera phone and my laptop. I am only dangerous to those who don't want my pictures and words published. So far, nobody has complained. And if they do, then what? My address is on several official objection letters, so if anybody wants to come and find me, I've not made it difficult. Any silly actions to shut me up will only prove my point that the guilty parties are demonstrably bad, if not downright sinister people with something to hide.

Am I going to derail the Crook Hill wind farm development? I hope so, yes. But only with my website. I emphatically reject the idea of any individual taking it upon themselves to cause any unauthorised physical damage to Crook Hill. It would 100% undermine our moral and factual authority over the wind farm developers; it would ruin the lives of local people; it would discredit the efforts of all the campaigners, conservationists and scientists who are working hard and conscientiously to prove with facts how harmful wind farms really are; and most of all it would show an absolute disrespect towards Crook Hill itself should anyone add to the corporate eco-destruction with their own solo rampages. They'd be fighting fire with fire, two wrongs most definitely not making things right.

Physically attacking the site in any way would contravene the fundamental ethos of this website, which is that "nature knows best". The assertions made will carry so much more weight if they are objectively and independently verified by nature itself, without anyone else bulldozing in there cackhandedly and distorting the true picture of how the wind farm is progressing.

And so the only reinforcements called upon to fight Crook Hill Wind Farm are the weather, the geology, the wildlife, the animals, the local residents, the law of the land, and above all the developers' own mistakes.