Crook Hill Official Statements, Media Coverage & Financial Documents

Official Statements

Collett & Sons

Coronation Power

Coronation Power: Environmental Statement

I & H Brown

Landscape Capacity Study For Wind Energy Developments In The South Pennines

Partnerships For Renewables

Partnerships For Renewables: Delivery To Site Of Turbine And Crane Components
[The deliveries will follow the A641 road, it says here. Is that the same A641 that links Huddersfield and Bradford, over 20 miles from where the turbines are supposed to be heading?!]

Rochdale MBC: Crook Hill Wind Farm Planning Recommendation

Rossendale MBC: Infrastructure Refinement With Access Route Via Hades Quarry - Environmental Statement

Rossendale MBC: Revised Access Arrangements To Serve The Approved 12-Turbine Wind Farm
[United Utilities raise their strong objections to the new access route, citing serious risk of flooding, landslides and water contamination]

The Planning Inspectorate: Application Decisions
["I conclude there will be an adverse effect on the commoners" !!!!!*#&!!!! *Facepalm*]

Whitworth Town Council: Minutes From Meeting
[In which an eye-witness reports mud flowing down the access track, silt traps not working or non-existent, stone being taken without permission and the notorious lorry accidents]

Media Coverage

Investigation Into Claims Wind Farm Worsened Boxing Day 2015 Floods

"Fears Arsenic Is Causing Illness Among Pupils" Council Told

An Investigation Has Been Launched After A Spate Of Cattle Deaths In Whitworth

Ancient Race
[Haunting poem/song by Robert Sandison that uses shots of Crook Hill to illustrate the environmental devastation wind farms leave in their wake. Word is spreading far and wide!]

Arsenic Poisoning Fear As Seven Cattle Die And Schoolchildren Fall Sick

Councillors Deal A Blow To Crook Hill Turbines

Crook Hill Wind Turbine Deliveries Set To Begin

'Fears Arsenic Is Causing Illness Among Pupils', Council Told

Giant Wind Turbine Trucks Set To Roll Through Whitworth

Government Green Light For Crook Hill Wind Farm
[In this article from 2009 Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen is bang on, warning of the eco-destruction to come.]

Hope Supplying Concrete For Crook Hill Wind Farm
[4,500 cubic metres of concrete dumped over the moors? And you thought wind farms were all fluffy bunnies and daffodils!]

KfW IPEX-Bank Finances UK's Crook Hill Wind Project

Massive Turbines Delivered To Crook Hill Wind Farm In Whitworth

MP Backs Crook Hill Wind Farm Protestors

Panoramic View Of Crook Hill Wind Farm Ecological Destruction

PFR To Construct Crook Hill Wind Farm For Shareholder InfraRed Capital Partners

Servion Pockets Crook Hill Order
[All about the dollar, isn't it!]

Wind Farm Protestors' Fury At Lord's Remarks

Financial Documents

Coronation (Oil & Gas) Ltd
[That's a strange coincidence. Nasty, evil fossil fuel company Coronation (Oil & Gas) are located at exactly the same address as the clean, green wind energy company Coronation Power, even sharing the same company director...!]

Coronation Power: Accounts 30/11/04 - 30/9/2013 (Excel Spreadsheet)

Crook Hill Properties: Credit Report
[One wonders why Crook Hill Properties is based in the British Virgin Islands, when London addresses are provided for the company directors. Poor old Crook Hill itself lies just outside Littleborough, approximately 4,088.452 miles away from Company HQ]

Crook Hill Properties: Memorandum of Association