Removing Wind Turbines From The South Pennines


Gorpley Wind Farm was unanimously rejected by Calderdale Council. The proposal, put forward by Kelda Water (who own Yorkshire Water), was yet another attempted incursion onto the higher slopes of Freeholds Top. The cumulative effect of Gorpley, Crook Hill and Reaps Moss would have effectively surrounded the moor with a ring of steel.

I believe what swung it for the councillors was an actual field trip to the site on the day they had to make their decision. Clearly moved by the mysterious, meditative qualities of the moor, the council spoke up in defence of nature and opposed the wind farm.

The Gorpley proposal demonstrated another devious tactic used by slippery wind farm developers, now instantly recognised for the fraud it is. Stopping people in the street with questionnaires, asking abstract questions about "green energy", and if people claim to support the idea (well, who doesn't?) then using their details to send in bogus letters of support for specific wind farm proposals. The truth is, nobody really did send in letters of support; many genuine letters of objection were received however, and in this case, truth and nature won out.