Crook Hill Into The Future 16/07/15

Over the summer of 2015, this website has followed the progress of the Crook Hill Wind Farm construction up close. Sadly, the developers have successfully managed to erect all eleven turbines; so in that sense this website has failed in its primary mission to prevent the wind farm from destroying the local environment. The damage has already been done.

Now the construction phase is complete, it's time for Crook Hill Wind Farm to start generating money for its owners. We will continue to monitor its operation and its effects on the local community throughout its lifespan. The body of photographic evidence of the construction will be kept on file should any problems whatsoever arise over the next two decades, and we confidently predict there WILL be problems within that period. When trouble inevitably strikes, then this website will suddenly take on a brand new relevance.

Perhaps the biggest and most unpredictable two events to have occurred over the period this website monitored Crook Hill's construction were (1) the Todmorden wind turbine fire and (2) the government's decision to end wind farm subsidies. Both symbolised the sea-change in the wind industry's fortunes, from heroes to zeroes almost overnight. It was a privilege to have captured these pivotal moments as and when they happened, to have been a small part of a much bigger social and environmental movement.

This website forms the real-life case study of how a wind farm is constructed. It is hoped that the harm done to Crook Hill has helped prevent dozens of other uplands from being similarly desecrated.

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