Crook Hill & The Community 23/05/15

The Crook Hill Eco Disaster website deepened its ties to the local community this week. A very informative Area Forum meeting took place at Spotland Methodist Church on Thursday 21 May, dominated by a long discussion about the Rooley Moor Wind Farm. The forum gave us a chance to meet and exchange ideas and advice with local conservation experts and well-practised wind farm objectors. Sadness at such undemocratic injustice inflicted upon the innocent British public by a few greedy, immoral businessmen was alleviated by the feeling of a community really banding together passionately and enthusiastically in order to stand up and exert their right to live in pleasant, peaceful, natural surroundings, without being senselessly tortured by acres of nasty industrial equipment towering above their them and their families. Saturday's site visit was followed by a guided tour from a local resident demonstrating all too clearly just how far and wide the blight of the wind turbines is starting to spread. All the parties behind the Crook Hill Wind Farm have SPOILT LIFE just a little bit for thousands of people. How can that be ethical? Let's explore the site and take a closer look. Firstly, how is the entrance route looking these days?

Third Turbine Erected Under Cover Of Darkness

Nobody is quite sure why, or if indeed it's even legal under the terms of the planning consent, but bizarrely the contractors chose to install the blades of the third turbine overnight between Friday 22 May and Saturday 23 May. Under cover of darkness and thick fog, illuminated only by large ground lights placed at the turbine base, the contractors braved the elements and raced against time to get the blades attached before the Bank Holiday. Let's hope they didn't botch the installation.

Litter Is Becoming A Serious Issue

No two ways about it, the site is becoming a rubbish tip, and nothing seems to be being done about it. The same litter that was there weeks ago is still there, along with dozens of newly discarded crisp packets, plastic cups and random vehicle parts. Nice organic, eco-friendly existence these green saviours lead!

Blight For Miles Around

At the risk of repeating myself, I struggle to empathise with the mentality that thinks it's OK to inflict these gargantuan eyesores on so many living beings. I really don't understand. The mind boggles!

Your Enjoyment Won't Last Forever, Amber

Finally, this week the Crook Hill Eco Disaster website's very raison d'etre was endorsed by Amber Rudd, the new Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change. In a much derided interview Ms Rudd claimed to "quite enjoy wind farms", a faux pas that was instantly seized upon by several energy correspondents. We, on the other hand, would like to say a hearty thank-you to Amber for giving us a reason to carry on. After all, what would be the point of a website dedicated to how loud airports are, or how bad sewage works smell? Everyone knows the score with these environmentally horrible but necessary amenities. We know they have to be situated somewhere, but there's a universally recognised acceptance that normal people don't "enjoy" them or want to live anywhere near them. If we actually needed wind farms (which I don't think we do), then at least let's have a sensible debate about where to place them in a way that minimises their impact. But you're having a laugh if you claim to "enjoy" the hundreds of photos on this website! Even I don't enjoy them, and I'm the one who spends hours on end looking at them. So this website is for you, Amber. I'm sure it will further your enjoyment of wind farms no end...


Photos 30/05/15

A week since the last site visit and not much seems to have changed in the interim. The fourth turbine is conspicuous by its absence and the only obvious progress is some remedial work done on the access track and drainage channels. Oh, and the accumulation of even more litter.

Fresh As A Mountain Stream?

The main news this week was another spate of water pollution claims made by residents in the houses and farms beneath Crook Hill. This should come as a surprise to precisely no-one.

HGV Damage

Various half-arsed steps have been taken to alleviate the destructive effect of dozens of HGV journeys up and down the access track.

Hideously Out Of Proportion

It is now becoming all too apparent just how far the blight of the Crook Hill Wind Farm is spreading, the three turbines so far erected representing a callous two-fingered salute to the poor, belittled residents living under their shadows.

Fire! Fire! The Turbine's On Fire!

The Week The Wind Changed