Removing Wind Turbines From The South Pennines

Coal Clough

Coal Clough Wind Farm is the grandfather of the South Pennines wind farms, and living proof that once the doors are open to the corporations, they and their buddies will keep on stampeding over nature, claiming "Ah well, the land has already been blighted, what's a few more turbines between friends?" The only solution is to get rid of them all and say we, as a society, value the conservation of our upland wildernesses more than we value the great god Electricity (he says, typing on a computer, so yes, it is complicated...) The official website takes just one line to start peddling untruths: "Constructed in 1992, it is capable of generating up to 10 megawatts of cleaner greener energy." You don't "generate" energy, you lying hounds! You simply transform energy from the wind into electricity; and, according to your recorded capacity FACTOR of 28.5%, you struggle to even produce 3 megawatts! The only thing you "generate" is money.